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Gynecomastia Patient Reviews


Thousands of patients like you trust Dr. Adrian Lo to help them make their beauty goals come true. Please enjoy reading their reviews of Dr. Lo and his team.

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Went to Dr. Lo, 2 years ago for male breast tissue removal. The associated staff were very friendly, very supportive and Dr. Lo himself was very reassuring. Before my decision to consult him, I saw that he was rated one of the highest cosmetic surgeons in the upper east side, and after my operation I can honestly say that checks out. My results were beyond expectations. If you have gynecomastia I recommend Dr. Lo as a must if you want honest, clean, and perfect symmetrical results.

Ray M. ★★★★★

Dr. LO WAS THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR THIS JOB! Him and his staff set the bar pretty high. … The results were fantastic after 10 months it really looks completely different than when I consulted with Dr. Lo. I will always recommend him for any type of elective surgeries requiring a fine hand and attention to detail. GO LO OR GO HOME!

Fran M. ★★★★★

Dr. Lo and his staff provided comfort with their knowledge of the pre and post-operation of gynecomastia. My results are amazing and the recovery process was short and painless (maybe some discomfort). I am currently 4 months post-operation and my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. Thank you Dr. Lo and all of his staff, you provided support for a nerve racking procedure.

Brandon H. ★★★★★

I struggled with gynecomastia for decades – avoiding pool parties and staying covered up at the beach. I would always wear very tight undershirts and loose outer garments which made summers unbearable. No amount of diet or exercise could correct this condition. I finally decided to explore surgical solutions and reached out to Dr. Lo. He explained the procedure, addressed all of my concerns and gave me a good idea of what my results would be. Here I am today, eight months later with great results and enjoying summer! Dr. Lo is an amazing listener, communicator and extremely skilled surgeon. If you are struggling with this or other conditions, I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Lo and his amazing team. Start to finish, I received the very best treatment and care. See what Dr. Lo and team can do for you!

Eduardo ★★★★★

If you are a male with Gynecomastia and have discovered Dr. Lo, do not waste your time looking any further. Visit him ASAP. My quality of life has skyrocketed, giving me a confidence I never had due to increased external and thus internal validation.

Anonymous ★★★★★


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