Gynecomastia Success Stories

Adrian Lo, MD, FACS, FRCS (C), is honored to be able to share success stories of his patients who suffered from gynecomastia in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware and even abroad before undergoing male breast reduction with Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Lo.

Praise From Dr. Lo’s Gynecomastia Patients

Video: Gynecomastia Patient Testimonial


Listen to a patient discuss his experience undergoing a Gynecomastia procedure in Philadelphia by Dr. Adrian Lo.


This was by far the best decision I have ever made. Growing up I was overweight – thus developing breasts and when I lost all of my weight at the age of 21, I still couldn’t get rid of the excess tissue that developed on my chest. After regularly working out and going to the gym for over 9 years with no improvement to that area, I did some research and went to Dr. Lo’s office for a consultation after reading some positive reviews online. Dr. Lo was very thorough during my consultation and walked me through the entire process while providing realistic expectations, timelines, and risks. It didn’t feel as though he was reading from a book and talking at me, he actually cared about my personal goals and expectations while determining the best path forward. After the initial visit I was extremely nervous, but after 9 months of continued research/web boards/pictures/videos/horror stories/etc I called the office and decided to go through with it! Prior to surgery, Dr. Lo will have you for a re-evaluation and his staff makes sure you are fully prepared (schedules/supplies/etc). The day of surgery Dr. Lo goes over everything one more time and makes sure you are comfortable and ready for the procedure, he even called me at home that night to make sure I was feeling okay and if I had any questions. The open and consistent communication is definitely what put me at ease for this operation and opened up my trust to both the Dr and staff.

I am now 72 hours Post-Op and I feel great! I had the surgery Monday morning – it is now Thursday and I am back at my office (60 min commute via train). After having other surgeries in the past I was nervous this was going to be as bad as them, but it was nothing in comparison. After surgery, I didn’t feel much pain (didn’t use the meds) but it definitely was uncomfortable given what I had just been through – with that being said, the more I started moving around – the more comfortable I became. I was walking around my house unassisted within 6 hours and in 48 hours I was back at the office getting my drains removed. After the drains were removed I definitely felt more comfortable and was able to be more active around my place/ neighborhood. It is now day three and I am still swollen as that will go away with time, but other than that I don’t feel much of anything especially wearing my compression garment but am taking it easy as not to overexert myself/ and pull the incisions,. I am worlds better than I thought I would be after reading all of the blogs – the only thing I wish I had done differently would be doing this sooner and I can’t wait to see the long term results!” — M.S./Surgery June, 2016

“Doctor Lo, My son and I will not be able to travel to Philadelphia from Japan this summer for a follow up visit. I don’t know how to express my thanks for the excellent job you performed on my son. My son is not ashamed to take off his shirt now, and he always looks forwarded to going swimming. His self-esteem has risen dramatically. I am trying to lose weight so that I can also have Liposuction, Tummy Tuck and complete breast removal if possible. I will contact you or your receptionist once I ready for the consultation/procedures. Again, many thanks for making my son’s life more enjoyable.” – MT

“Dr. Lo, After 34 years I finally decided to have plastic surgery. This decision did not come easily so my decision on who was to perform my surgery was even more important. After researching and meeting with top doctors across Philadelphia, your professionalism, your friendly and caring staff, and most important your track record of incredible results stood clearly above the rest. Every time I had a question or concern you were right there. You made me feel like your most important patient from our first consultation to my post-operative visit. From your warm bedside manner to a personal follow up call the day after I was thoroughly impressed. My results are incredible and I feel incredible. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is considering a top Surgeon. Thank you for impacting my life! You’re the best!” – HR

“Dr. Lo was honest and confident during my consultation for my gynecomastia which I have suffered since puberty. My surgery was easier than I thought, and his staff Gina are wonderful. My result and my chest came out better than I ever expected. I can wear normal shirts without my nipple showing and I now am not afraid to go to the beach.” – JB

“I finally had surgery and I chose Dr. Lo because of all the good reviews and happy patients who have had surgery from him. I was happy that such an expert surgeon lived fairly close to me. He is down to earth and attentive to detail. My result is fantastic. My chest is flat, my nipples are flat, I have a NORMAL chest now. Now I am going to work on my pecs and looking forward to seeing the results of my exercise!” – JT

Photos of Dr. Lo’s Gynecomastia Patients

Below are before and after photos of Dr. Lo’s male plastic surgery patients. You will be able to view additional photos of patients with situations that are similar to yours during your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Lo.

Tumescent Liposuction of Chest to Remove Excess Fat Tissue From the Breast Area


Before and After

Tumescent and Ultrasonic Liposuction of Chest to Remove Excess Fat Tissue
From the Breast Area


Before and After

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