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Breast Implants in 2019

Posted May 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

Breast Implants have come a long way since they first became popular back in the in the 1960’s. Today, breast augmentation rates as the #1 cosmetic surgery performed around the country as well as here at Dr. Adrian Lo’s practice. Thankfully, we now have modern ‘tools’ to help potential patients choose the right shape, size and feel for them. At the consultation, patients will use our Vectra 3D imaging machine, allowing a visual of what they may potentially look like after breast implant surgery. We also use a physical breast sizing option, where we actually place “sizer’s” (a mock breast implant) inside their bra to see how the potential size will look with their shirt on. The are many types and makers of implants to choose from world wide, here at Dr. Lo’s office, we focus on the Mentor brand breast implants, which are made in the USA by Johnson and Johnson (they have the best warranty and patient satisfaction history!).

The most common breast size world wide is the 350-400 breast implant, with most women seeking the average to large “C” cup. Breast implants come in sizes from 80 cc to 800 cc, so there are all sizes to suit all desires.
The width of the base also varies, from 7.4 cm to 17.2 cm. Dr. Lo is a top plastic surgeon in the Philadelphia region and able to help you decide what implant is best for your body type and desires.

Breast implants usually last for at least 10 years, but often last 20 or more! There is no reason to replace a breast implant unless there is a rupture or desire to change size or type of implant.

The cost ranges from $6,900 to $7,500 (an additional approx. $2,000 may apply if a breast-lift is required. Dr. Lo will help you determine this at your consultation.)

Call the office today to learn more about breast implant recovery, safety, and potential results. 215-829-6900.


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