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Nipple Sensation after a breast surgery

Posted May 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

When women to come see us here at Dr. Lo’s practice, we cover absolutely everything a woman will want to know prior to choosing to have a breast surgery. Often time, the last question she will ask, although one of the most important to her, is how her nipples will feel (the sensation) post surgery. The fact is that often, the nipple will go through a slight series of changes in feeling after a breast augmentation or a breast lift/reduction. The reality is that any and all sensations typically resolve within a few months. Feeling less sensation or more sensation than normal are common. It is very rare that a woman’s breast sensation does not return, and this is more likely to happen in the very large breast reduction cases, that may take much more time to complete the surgery than a traditional breast augmentation or breast lift. Here at Dr. Lo’s office we are only aware of only a few cases that this has happened, and usually is in only one of the breasts. This excellent patient outcome is over a period of 28 years of Dr. Lo being in practice.


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